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New research by scientists at the University of Exeter investigates the potential of algae as a “natural purifier”. Their research allowed us to verify how these organisms are able to purify acidic water produced by the mining industry. Like a kind of “aquatic scavenger”, scientists tested whether a variety of algae could survive the acidic conditions in Cornish water samples. The purpose is nothing more than to test whether these organisms can eliminate toxic wastes such as arsenic or cadmium in the wastewater of these mines. Mike Allen, a researcher on the project, explained, “The acid water problem is not limited to this part of the UK, but is a global case, affecting all mining areas around the world.” Using these organisms could provide a cost-effective solution programs to achieve these.

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Bioremediation of industrial areas. Algae This biotech application. Will reduce the environmental impact of mining activities around the world Consumer Mobile Number Database while improving the health of residents. The industry’s wastewater acidity problems can be detected anywhere from 1 to 10 years after mining drilling begins. However, sometimes their harmful effects on the environment are not identified until decades later, resulting in water contamination and toxicity that persists for hundreds of years. The research thus opens new hope that economic progress need not always be accompanied by environmental destruction. The future looks increasingly green thanks to the use of living organisms such as these algae. Image Carol Stoker, NASA (Wikimedia), Michelangelo Wikimedia.

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Turn your skin into a touchscreen bracelet with Miguel · Perez Miguel · Perez Thanks to the remote sensors Afghanistan Phone Number integrated in the bracelet, we can transform the surface of the skin into an interactive touch screen connected to the internet. The promise of artificial intelligence, the development of augmented reality devices or the miniaturization of technology have succeeded in making what just a few decades ago was just a science fiction imagination a reality. Nowadays, it has become commonplace for us to integrate tiny electronic devices connected to the internet into personal accessories such as watches or bracelets. That’s why the startup wants to take a step further in the wearables market and develop a smart bracelet that can convert the skin of a human arm into a touchscreen.


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